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Values & Mission


Trained Talent

HD Perfect™ is a small team of fun, multi-talented, seasoned professionals. We typically deliver beyond your expectations. We exploit our experience, acquired talents, and God-given gifts to serve you with honesty and integrity while making sure we stay on target and under budget.


Quality Stirs Emotions

Professional quality videos, photos, and web sites are incredibly powerful, evoking emotions while conveying your message, values, products, and services. Does your business lack quality visuals? Please contact us today and find out how easy the process is.

Details Matter

Details = Success

Paying attention to every detail; before, during, and after every project is what we do. We think through every possible scenario, ask questions, review the answers, ask more questions, until we are satisfied that we have done our due diligence. After all, that's why you are here at HD 'Perfect'.

Our Team

John Williams

John Williams
Founder & President

The name says it all: HD Perfect™. I direct and produce. I also do a lot of photography, consulting, scripting, web design, and helping busy professionals with their brand imaging. You will find me in the edit bay working on small, medium, and large accounts. Every project receives the same attention to detail and love. Love is in the details. With so much talent out there, I am humbled every time I am chosen as the preferred vendor. By visiting our client list, you will see just how fortunate I am.
The buck stops with me. Reputation is everything. My word is my bond. Yes, old school stuff. "I can help you succeed, but I cannot make decisions for you. "Managing big dreams is no small task."©

Brenda Pietersen

Brenda Pietersen

Brenda joins the team occasionally. She brings a love for people and a passion for her profession, and years of management experience. Whether she is interviewing celebrities on-camera, or working behind the camera herself, taking care of production details, or scheduling the next project, Brenda wears many hats, ensuring a seamless high-quality production environment. She has worked as a producer, director, co-producer, line producer, camera operator, production co-coordinator, stage manager, scriptwriter, script supervisor, and lighting tech.